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Bird Nest price
Item Description
Create a charming scene in your bird garden with ceramic bird house. This artistic abode will surely welcome birds and visitors alike to your home. The steeply pitched roof features triangular shapes on it, with grooves in between them for a rustic look. A rounded finial tops the roof, echoing the shape of the home.
The handmade ceramic construction adds individual flair, and the light blue glaze adds a rustic feel. This piece is fired to 2400&#25523; Fahrenheit, creating a durable, vitreous product that will never fade, decay, or break down after exposure to UV light. Place ceramic bird house in your garden to welcome songbirds, year after year
1. I have several birds nest ferns attached to sago palm trunks, a natural occurrence, I didn't plant them there. I'd like to remove them and wonder how do I do that? I've tried prizing one off but it won't budge. Do I need to cut them away? If so how deep are the roots and will it damage the sago palm?
Do not cut the fern, but simply tease and remove the plant with your hands.
2. I have gotten the fern but not sure about the pot. The pot it is in is 8 inches tall and 6 inches across the top and tapers down. Should I repot it or leave it ?
Repotting of young, small plants is not needed more than once a year. Older plant every 2 years. I would leave your plant in the existing pot.
3. 6 Tips of a good bird house?
-Well construct: untreated wood and galvanized screws.
-Keeps Dry: sloped roof, recessed floor and drainage holes.
-Regulate temperature: thick walls and ventilation holes.
-Keep out predators:
-It has right entrance for the right bird.
-Fledglings leave the house: rough interior walls and interior grooves
-Make placement and maintenance easy.
4. Need help placing your boxes? You've come to the right place!
-In the south, place your nest boxes by February. In northern regions, place your nest boxes by mid to late March.
-Because different species of birds prefer different kinds of nesting habitat, the vegetation surrounding your box will play a role in determining which species will nest in it.
5. What's your production Lead-time for bulk order?
Generally it takes 45-55days for quantity of 1*40H" and 60-70 days in peak season or OEM designs.
6. What's the lead-time for sample?
Within 3 days for white body, 7-10 days for decorated sample, 10-15 days for OEM designs and shapes.
7. What about the cost for samples and their delivery?
Free sample for our original products, shipping charge on buyer's cost, OEM designs will charge according to the design, the cost will be refunded once we get your bulk order.
8. How much and how many days for the samples?
If existing, free samples by about 7 days. If design, additional fees by about 10-15 days.Bird Nest price

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