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buy veg caps
Company Profile
We are the leading and professional supplier of two-piece capsules located in Weinan city, Shaanxi province in China. The occupied area of plant is 5000 square meters with 100-thousand-grade cleaning workshop. Eight production lines and the annual production capability for vegetarian empty capsule is about 4 billion pieces.
We own many patents for capsule production and technology. Advanced production equipment, high effective auto production lines, strictly air cleaning control system and quality control system, according with US GMP and European GMP requirements.
Our capsules are available in all sizes ( ranging from 000# to 5#) suitable for all current capsules. These capsules also satisfies all vegetarian and religion needs that suits Muslims, Judaism, Hinduism.

Vegetable / Vegetarian Capsules: HPMC capsules and Pullulan capsuels
Gelatin Capsules: 100% bovine hide gelatin capsules and fish gelatin capsules
The Highlights of Our Vegetarian Capsules:
&#9670; SAFTY
Comply with EP, USP and JP; Organic source of raw material .
Circulating water system; environment friendly packaging materials.
Without any raw materials from animals

Our Raw Material
Strictly selected healthy raw material can ensure the product quality from the source.
We choose the gelatin from Amin,that is BSE free, TSE free, FMD free, confrom to US.P and E.P. Each batch materials is tested by our own lab according to Ch.P., and sample will be kept for 3 years. Colorants are used as per specific requirements of customers, and food colors are confirming to Chinese Pharmacopocia.
Why Choose Us?
We have professional and strong qualified technicians who are ready to assist you with any issue regarding capsule manufacturing and capsule filling.
Our technicians are committed to superior customer service and are well versed in all aspects of commercial capsule production.
Technical Support
GENEX is one of the earliest enterprises invilved in the R&D and production of HPMC Capsules in China.
GENEX has innovatative production technology for Vegetarian Capsule which has been tested for years in production and market.
The technical level is advanced in China and also approached internationally advanced status. We have three Vegetarian Capsule invention patents and a number of proprietary technology of capsules.

Capsule Color Support
We can help your product stand out and reinforce your brand image.
Color is a key aspect of any product’s marketing strategy, so capsules can be manufactured to your existing color specifications.
Our experienced staff can help you select the right color for your capsule products.
Our Aim
We have been pursuing the principle of "Quality First " to give our customers confidence on our products.
We insist on making high standard capsule and are willing to manufacture the first-class products Made-in-China cooperate with ohter outstanding Chinese enterprises.
Genex advocates the harmonious coexistence between human and animals, and human and nature. We strongly recommend vegetarian capsule to our cilents.
Our Management
Our production is in strict accordance with GMP standard and ISO9000 manageing system.
Conform to the halal and kosher requirements.
We believe that concentration is much more important than profession&#65281;
We use the craft of dams construction to build our foundation to avoid possible cracks.
To avoid slight scratches affecting the beauty of the capsule appearance, aeronautic technology is adopted in mould design.
What's more, the one who enter the workshop must change clothes three times.
Equipped with infrared thermometer. Change a new asepetic clothes at one time.
Our Factory
Workshop: Hierarchical cleaning principle designed factory and far more than more than D grade cleanliness standard production environment, ensure the safety of products.
Equipment: High-precisionautomatic production line provides basic guarantee for uniformity of the products and stability while using. buy veg caps

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